9 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries about Trips Into The Wilderness

It’s very easy for a person to disappear into the wilderness and never be seen again. In most cases, the likely explanation is that they simply got lost and succumbed to the elements, but some trips into the wilderness are shrouded in mystery.
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9 Strangest Unsolved Mysteries From Old Paris

When it comes to the world’s great cities, there are few as indelibly linked with the perfect, the ideal, the artistic, and the romantic as Paris. It’s the place of great art and artists, of fine food and finer wines. But there’s a darker side to Paris, which is also home to some very strange and unsettling old mysteries.
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10 Creepiest Unsolved Train Mysteries of All Time

One of the most bizarre unsolved disappearances of all time involves renowned French inventor Louis Le Prince. In 1890, while on a train heading to Paris, Le Prince somehow vanished without a trace and was never seen again. The story was particularly puzzling since nobody could figure out how a man could simply disappear from a moving train.
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