8 Creepiest Unsolved Shopping Mall Mysteries In US History

Sadly, even though malls are busy public places, unexplained disappearances and unsolved cold case do occur there without anybody getting caught.
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10 Most Famous Disturbing Cold Case Mysteries From Canada

When we think of Canada, we think of things like friendliness, good manners, cleanliness, and hockey. But the country does have its dark side. Just like any other place, Canada has been home to good and evil alike. Some very bad people did some very bad things in Canada, and some of them have gotten away with it. It’s unlikely that we will be solving any of these murders anytime soon.
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10 Incredible Unsolved Paintings That Show Mysterious UFOs

Many ancient wall paintings are said to show flying objects and visitors from outer space. But these images also appear in classic, commissioned pieces of art—particularly those that depict divine events. Is there a genuine connection between the divine and alien activity? According to a cadre of believers, these 10 classic pieces of artwork clearly show UFOs.

10 Unsolved Mysterious Missing Persons Cases With Unbelievable Sightings

Whenever someone goes missing and their disappearance garners a lot of publicity, it’s inevitable that investigators will be flooded with tips from eyewitnesses claiming to have seen the victim. There are some cases in which eyewitnesses will provide specific details to make investigators believe that their sighting might be credible. While the following missing persons cases are still unsolved, they all contain some very unusual eyewitness sightings that caused everyone to look at the case in a very different light.

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