8 Biggest Chilling Unsolved Mysteries From Nevada US

Terrible things happen everywhere, even in Nevada. We can only hope that law enforcement will be able to bring the victims to justice. Unfortunately, in spite of the hard work of investigators, cases sometimes go cold, suspects go free and the community is left without answers. Oftentimes these cases remain open for several years.

 10 Strangest Unexplained Mysteries Of Ancient Venice Italy

Venice is notorious for its masked balls and elegant parades but less known for the mysteries, legends, and inexplicable events that have taken place there. These mysteries and legends are unsolved to this day and may never find a suitable conclusion.
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10 Famous Creepiest 20th Century Mysteries We May Never Solve

The 20th century has had its fair share of mysteries. Some of them are still hotly contested today—the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, the identity of D.B. Cooper, the Black Dahlia, etc. Others, however, haven’t been a talking point in years, perhaps even decades. That’s either because they have been long forgotten or because people are content with the unofficial “truth.”
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