10 Strange Church Mysteries That Remain Unsolved

The church is considered a sanctuary and place of comfort for many people. To some, it might seem inconceivable that bad things could happen there. However, churches have been the sites of some truly unusual unsolved mysteries, including murders, disappearances, supernatural events, and even unexplained acts of divine intervention.
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9 Strangest Unsolved Mysteries From London

A lot of dark and mysterious things have happened in the history of England’s iconic capital—Jack The Ripper, The London Monster, Dick van Dyke’s “Cockney” accent. It’s a city that’s been burned to the ground, blitzed, and then put back up again. The home of red buses and black cabs has a fair amount of intrigue to offer. Here are 9 mysteries from London’s past and present that have yet to find answers.

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10 Creepiest Unsolved Mysterious Disappearances From US Schools

When parents send their children off to school, they not only need faith that the institution will provide them with a good education, but that they’ll keep them safe.

After all, they are entrusting these schools to watch over their child for several hours per day. Unfortunately, however, sometimes parents will send their child off to school and wind up never seeing them again.
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Nightmare Mysteries

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